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Wings for Breakfast?

Happy Halloween! (that’ll be the extent of Halloweeness in my post today, sorry!) However just a disclaimer,  I am not a Grinch and fully love Thanksgiving, Christmas and basically all other holidays, so not to worry! I do get in the holiday spirit! 🙂

Today is Sunday, and what Sunday means in our house hold is a cup of coffee in the morning

and football on the TV all afternoon (specifically the Lions) and if you know ANYTHING about football, you know that the Lions definitely went 0 – 16 one season, not too long ago. However, J doesn’t care, and will love them until he dies, so in turn, I too, became a die-hard Lions fan. (talk to me about any other football team, and I glaze over…the Lions however, I know about as much as a girl can know about that team)

However! Since we moved out of the Midwest, we can’t get the Lions games on TV at home anymore (unless it’s Thanksgiving and don’t worry, J is already SO excited about that he can hardly control it) soooo we must head to the local watering hole gone wing shop (aka BDUBS!) to watch our Lions roar. So as soon as I enjoy this cup of coffee and get ready, that’s where I’ll be headed, at least until early afternoon.

After that, we’re heading to Whole Foods so I can get the rest of the ingredients for this recipe I saw on Eat Like Me; Simple, Healthy, Spicy Orange Beef. I grabbed most of what I needed from the grocery store but I’m a sucker for Whole Food’s meat counter so I plan on getting the Flank Steak there and some minced Ginger. Believe it or not, my local grocery store doesnt stock minced ginger. Also, being that we just moved and I’m basically starting my kitchen over from scratch, I need to get some Extra Virgin Olive Oil  and I’m a sucker for Whole Food’s brand. Great quality and at a price I feel good about. So more to come on my dinner, I’ll be sure to snap some pics and let you all know how it turns out!

I’ll leave you with something that absolutely made my day yesterday. Yogurtini! Being that we just moved from Chicago and had a small addiction to Berry Chill there (don’t know what Berry Chill is and you live in or near Chicago? find out here: and you should go! So back to Yogurtini; we had seen this place a few times as it’s right near the Target that we frequent. Last night was the perfect night for some froyo so we took a leap of faith and tried it out. Yogurtini is self serve, so you decide what flavors you want and how much of them. And unlike Berry Chill they have about 10 flavors at a time (including my favorite Cake Batter! and yes, way fewer calories and fat than the infamous Cake Batter at Cold Stone) once you’ve decided on your flavors of choice, topping are self-serve as well! They have every kind of fruit you could want and a huge selection of candy as well! It’s basically heaven on earth. Being that I was so excited I couldn’t help myself, I eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach and I definitely did not take the healthy approach (which you will see judging from my many sweet toppings) however, next time I think I’ll give the fruit section a try. J did, and he was satisfied.

Have a great Sunday everyone!