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Stay Classy San Diego

Happy Monday Wednesday everyone! It sure feels like a Monday to me and I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of the professional world after such a long holiday break.

As promised, I owe you all a recap of the wonderful weekend that Justin and I spent in San Diego with Peanut! The following will contain far too many pictures of my adorable dog. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂


Justin and I were a little nervous about a 4.5-5 hour car ride with our dog considering the longest she’d ever be in the car previous to this was about 20 minutes. However, we were worried for no reason. Peanut climbed right onto daddy’s lap and proceeded to sleep for the majority of the drive. Win! However, this meant that I did ALL the driving…not so awesome. Oh well, though…we made it safe and sound!

Justin and I were staying at the Hilton Gaslamp Quarter Hotel in downtown San Diego. We chose this hotel because it is pet friendly, has a little dog park right outside the front lobby and is very conveniently located within downtown San Diego. Steps from amazing restaurants and shops and very close to the pier and water as well. Check-in was a breeze. We are Hilton Honors members and I have to say we definitely received amazing customer service during this trip. While checking in we were informed that we had been upgraded from the Loft Style Suite that we had originally booked to a similar Loft Suite but with about 300 sq. feet of extra room as well as a large jacuzzi tub. Our pet fee (which is normally $75/night) was also comped! Thanks Hilton!




Once we arrived to our room Peanut was in heaven, so many new things to sniff! She ran around for a bit while Justin and I got down to the important stuff. Where should we eat for dinner?! Justin called down to the concierge at the hotel and asked where a yummy, dog friendly, place to have dinner would be. He asked if we liked Italian? OF COURSE and suggested we check out Chianti. The concierge even took care of making reservations for us, ensuring that we got a good seat on the patio so Peanut was able to join us. Awesome. We were starving so we packed our stuff up right away and headed out.


Peanut was a great sport even with all the distractions of the city!

Once we arrived at Chianti we were given, as promised, a perfect little table on the patio where Peanut could join us.



I was so hungry that I didn’t even think to snap pics of our dinner but let me tell you, it was delicious! I got the homemade pasta with meat sauce and Justin got the gnocchi. We both, of course, had a glass of wine to go with our meals as well.

All in all it was a perfect night for dinner on the patio…the weather wasn’t too cold and the food was delish!


After a great first night, we woke up and decided to have a quick breakfast at the hotel before heading out for the day. We dined outside on the patio with a fireplace to take the chill off!


Peanut sat nicely at first and then got very curious as to what the heck mommy kept pointing at her! 🙂



The night before we had heard from some people at the dog park that the dog beach on Coronado Island was awesome and that it was a must visit while we were in town. Saturday morning was the perfect time to visit. We packed up and made the short 10 minute drive to the Island and explored the dog beach and let me tell you…I think Peanut thought she died and went to dog heaven. She literally did not stop running for the full hour that we were there. Coronado is a leash free dog beach, so she was able to roam and play at her leisure.

1211 1215 1220 1224 1226

After Peanut was all tuckered out we headed back to the hotel. Justin relaxed on the couch with a very sleepy Peanut and I hit the gym for a quick 4 mile run. Gotta get my training runs in!

Saturday night we decided to keep it low key, since it was drizzling a bit outside and Justin just ran to the restaurant downstairs and got take-out for dinner. (we had already bought a bottle of wine to drink in the room).

Sunday morning our plan was to enjoy a nice breakfast before bringing Peanut back to the dog beach for one last romp before we head to make the long drive back to Phoenix. We had gotten a few recommendations from locals to check out Cafe 21 for breakfast or lunch and that we wouldn’t be disappointed! Since locals always know best, we took them up on their suggestion and headed to Cafe 21 for breakfast. Cafe 21’s menu is inspired by fresh, organic produce and they definitely had some different and interesting things on the menu!

We were again seated on the patio and I ordered a latte to get my morning started.


For my actual breakfast I ordered the banana pancakes. Once they arrived, I realized I’d forgotten to order a half stack instead of the full, regardless, they were delish so I’m actually glad I forgot. Not too dense, not too fluffy and also not too sweet. I would definitely order again.


Speaking of unusual menu items, Justin got the short rib omelet and was definitely happy with his choice.


After breakfast, we packed up the car and instead of heading right for the highway gave Peanut another quick run on her beloved dog beach. She ran and ran for another 30-45 minutes before we called it quits.


See you next time San Diego!

Our drive home was pretty un-eventful except as we were nearing Phoenix, we saw the brightest rainbow ever! Thankfully Justin got a shot while we were at a stop light!

It’s the simple things… 🙂


And that’s a wrap! Our San Diego weekend in a nutshell. Sorry for the super long post…and Peanut photo-bomb! I’ll be back later this evening with an update on my marathon training and healthy eating to start the New Year! I’m participating in Real Food Runner’s Green Smoothie Challenge and I’m so excited! I got a Ninja blender for Christmas so making smoothies is even more fun for me right now!


Greetings from San Diego!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the disappearing act! Justin, Peanut and I have been wandering the streets and beaches of San Diego the last two days. We’ll be heading home later today, and I’ll have a full recap for you today or tomorrow but just thought I’d check in and say hello.

So far we’ve gotten upgraded to this amazing loft jacuzzi suite…for free!


Secondly, Peanut thinks she died and went to dog heaven. Here she is having the time of her life at the dog beach on Coronado.


Thirdly, Justin and I have done a good job of eating our way through the city. All unpictured because it’s been that amazing.
And we’ve done a lot of peanut snuggling.


So far, so good!

I got my run in yesterday and Justin is out now running, as soon as he’s back were off for breakfast and another round at another dog beach. Then it’s a 5 hour drive back to Phoenix.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and hopefully this is a long weekend for you! Make the most of these last two days of 2012. (sooooo crazy its almost 2013!) I’ve gotta get going on those resolutions!

So what have you done this weekend? Have you ever taken a vacation focused solely around your pet?

Hello New Jersey!

Well after a long day of traveling, I finally made it to New Jersey!

The flight was actually okay, I got quite a bit done…worked for about 3.5 hours and then read for the rest of the flight. Until, we were suppose to be landing and had to circle the Newark airport for 45 minutes…and OF COURSE, I had to pee the entire time and I was so hungry I was about to eat my suitcase. Good thing I brought along some snacks! Dough Balls and Odwalla granola bars! yum, yum.

See dough balls rock, there is only 1 left…whoops.

I navigated my way through the airport and arrived at my hotel…orderd some room service that was just blahhh and now I’m relaxing in my home for the next 3 days.

I’m happy I got a run in this morning before I headed to the airport. I’m pretty certain becuase of the 3 hour time difference from Phoenix to here that I’m not going to want to get up any earlier than I have to tomorrow morning. I did bring my running gear though, so I’m going to try and hit the workout room Thursday morning to get a run in while I am here!

Sorry for the short and blah post! Gotta get to bed so I am fresh for a full day of meetings tomorrow! I will write a more lengthy post after I return from dinner tomorrow night! Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start…tomorrow is hump day! 🙂

And…I’m Off!

To say today was crazy would be an under statement. It went a little something like this…

Woke up, had a quick bowl of Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats….(and I scarfed this down, mind you)

Look at my cute Halloween inspired bowl! (Target for like $1.50, score!)

Once we were ready, Justin and I ran out the door and carpooled to work. Thank goodness for the HOV lane in Phoenix…we flew all the way to downtown (where Justin works) and then I headed on to my office. My day at the office was a blur. I’m pretty positive I was either in a meeting or slaving away at emails every second I was there. In fact, my lunch consisted of Cheez-Its, a string cheese and half an apple. Not of that is pictured because I’m not even sure I chewed any of it. I’m pretty sure it was inhaled and I moved on with my day!

I was in the office til around 6:45 and then headed home, ran a few last minute errands because I’m taking off for a work/fun trip tomorrow and headed home. When I got home, Justin let me know he had ordered pizza. Yum. Fast, easy, I’ll take it.

After inhaling my second meal of the day, my night consisted of dealing with more of this.

To ensure that our apartment soon looks like this…

And don’t worry, I think I’ve had like 5 handfulls of these throughout the night as well…(peanut butter M&M’s, yummmmm)

Now, I’ll need to pack my suitcase for NYC (blah), finish up a few work things and hit the hay. I totally woke up with a splitting headache this morning so I didn’t get to my run so I’m making that a priority tomorrow morning. 4.5 or 5 miles here I come!
Okay, I’m off! Expect some updates from the airport/East coast soon! 🙂

Me at the Guinness Factory in Ireland about this time last year.

Vacation – Amelia Island, Day 2

This morning I was up early when Justin’s alarm went off at 6:45 so he could get ready for training. I have a massage (ummm can’t WAIT!) at 9:30 this morning so I decided to order in some room service breakfast and relax before heading to the Spa.

Breakfast was perfect, and maybe even more delicious due to the fact that it was delivered right to my room. I dined with a beautiful view of the ocean with balcony doors open and the sound of the ocean waves crashing…ahhhhh

oatmeal and yogurt parfait...mmm

So that was this morning, this was last night:

After dinner we headed down to the beach for some moonlight volleyball…

And a bonfire where we could roast s’mores! YUM!!

After s’mores we hung out, chatted and enjoyed a few adult beverages…

Now it’s off to enjoy some time in the sun with Justin. He’s done with training in about an hour! 🙂

I Am Not Superwoman

So most people know the drill. Right before you go on vacation, work piles up and what becomes a countdown to relaxation and a few stress free days become days of preparation that are more stressful than a normal day in the office would be.  From a full workload at work, to fitting in time to workout, grocery shop, get things done for the wedding, pack and un-pack for our trips, Justin and I have been too very busy people the past few months.  And even though we just got home on Sunday from MI, we are headed to Amelia Island, FL tomorrow morning for Justin’s companies annual work outing.

Here I am in the city of Tulum in Mexico on last year’s trip!

Butttt, let’s back it up a bit. So these past few weeks have been less than ‘stress-free’ and this morning as I was driving to work, it dawned on me. I am not superwoman. I’m a very motivated and driven professional and I definitely take on more than I should with the “pile it on” mentality. But today, as I was mindlessly driving to work, it dawned on me. I’m not going to succeed in everything I do. I am going to fail, once and a while. I’m not a powerhouse, I can’t just say pile it on, I’ll be fine and BE FINE every single time. I AM HUMAN. And humans are NOT Superwoman. And so right then and there, while driving down the highway I decided. I decided to just live in the moment, be proud of who I am, and what I am capable of with the notion that I can’t be everything to everyone. All I can do is the best that I can do. And with that, I’ve decided to leave my work behind for a few days and completely check out. (if you know me at all, you know that this is like asking me to not breathe air!) but I’m going to do it. Because I work hard, and because I deserve it. So, here’s to 5 relaxing days in Florida with nothing to do but lay in the sun with one of those frozen drinks with a pretty little umbrella on top! 🙂

All our bags are packed…

And now it’s time for bed! Our flight leaves at 6:30 am which means that we have an alarm set for 4:15 am! I hope everyone has a great rest of their week! I can’t wait to blog from Amelia Island, FL (anyone ever been there? is there anything we MUST do?) I plan to take a beach run almost daily and hit up their amazing fitness center for yoga!

See ya at the pool! 🙂

Quick Trip to MI

Thanks for all the comments/emails regarding races in the Phoenix area! You had some really great suggestions and I can’t wait to pick a few to sign up for! Once I do, I’ll definitely blog about it so that if anyone is interested in a running buddy, we can coordinate! But first, let’s back up to last Friday…

We took off  early Friday morning for the airport for a quick weekend trip to Michigan for our friend Ryan & Melissa’s wedding! (Congrats Mr & Mrs Buffa!)

Typical plane fare:

Then, we landed in MI hung out with some friends from college we hadn’t seen in awhile. Here is our friends cat, I’m allergic to cats so I could only take a picture through the sliding glass door. Everyone say hi to Dobs!

Saturday morning Justin went golfing with the soon-to-be groom while I slept in, got some work done and relaxed. Soon it was time to get ready for the wedding!

Here we are just after dinner getting ready to hit the dance floor (best part of weddings, BTW! and NO Justin isn’t miserable, he just doesn’t always love his picture to be taken!)

Saturday night was a late one…but well worth it. Being at our friends wedding makes me that much more excited for ours! Now that I’m planning a wedding, I pay attention to all the little details that I would have never even noticed before. Case in point, I was taking pictures of center pieces. They were pretty though, weren’t they?

And finalllly, a trip to Michigan isn’t complete without the purchase of a new Detroit Lions shirt! Hollllla!

Andddddd, we’re back. Home sweet Phoenix!

Today was a crazy busy day at work. Breakfast consisted of some blueberry oatmeal. Lunch was leftover pasta and tonight’s dinner was quick and easy! Chicken sausage on the grill, garlic and herb cous cous with a slice of watermelon (yum!)

The rest of this evening I’m trying to get some work done while catching up on the DVR (can you say Keeping Up With the Kardashians and two weeks of Giuliana and Bill!)

Tomorrow will be a super busy day at work plus a night of packing becausssssse we are headed to Amelia Island, Florida on Wednesday morning for 5 days of relaxation! Well, for me at least! The trip is with Justin’s company so he has some training/work to do for a bit each day but I don’t! And if I can get a lot of work done tonight/tomorrow I may even be able to leave my laptop at home! Score! I can’t wait to blog from my ocean breeze balcony! and I promise to take lots of pictures! I’m also very excited to be able to take a few runs on the beach! Being from the midwest, that’s one thing I miss here in Arizona!