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A Day of Eats & Day 2 of the Green Smoothie Challenge (GSC)

Okay, now that my San Diego Weekend Recap post is out of the way, let’s get down to my eats for the day! Breakfast today was a quick bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares as I rushed around the house getting ready. Thus why there is no picture… But I think you can imagine my simple bowl of cereal, right? Right.

Lunch was also quick and simple. I headed to a local stir-fry joint and constructed my own concoction of chicken, carrots, zucchini and green beans with brown rice and teryaki sauce. I seriously inhaled this lunch, I was SO hungry.


Tonight was a night of leftovers for Justin and I. I didn’t necessarily have anything planned for dinner so we worked with what we had. Easy brats thrown on the grill with leftover pasta salad and veggies and dip from our new years eve party. Easy peasy and still delicious!

A little while after dinner I made myself a green smoothie for a snack. Since I’m participating in Real Food Runner’s 7-day Green Smoothie Challenge so I had to get my green on! (plus I got a new ninja blender for Christmas that I love playing with!)


In the Ninja:

Frozen strawberries
2% Milk (I was out of vanilla soy, bah!)
Baby spinach
Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit Vanilla Protein Powder

So I believe that the protein powder sort of altered the color of my smoothie a bit…it turned out a bit more brown than the normal bright green. As far as taste goes, it tasted normal so, oh well!


Though I will say it’s difficult to drink a smoothie when it’s chilly outside! All the more reason to crank up the heat and cuddle up under a blanket, right?


And that’s JUST what I’m about to do! Justin and I made it all the way to Season 2 of Breaking Bad yesterday and I can hear that and my couch calling my name! Have great night everyone!


Fit Frappe Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is an exciting day. We are headed to our new house! (well it’s not officially ours, butttt word on the street is that our paperwork will be ready to sign for closing either this afternoon or first thing Monday morning!) Today is the official final home inspection which means we get to see all of the finishes that we picked out in place! The granite countertops, carpeting, tile, blinds, appliances…the whole nine yards. I CAN NOT WAIT! I’m just dying to see what it looks like! Hopefully our inner design goddesses were working when we picked everything out! 🙂

But let’s back up a bit. Yesterday I headed out for my first outdoor run of the season with my brand new Garmin Forerunner 110! yippee! It was a beautiful morning for a run…the sun was just coming up and it was about 75 degrees, love it! I ran about 2.4 miles slow and steady…

…but the watch worked just great! I could barely tell it was on my wrist and it was so nice to just glance down and see my time, average pace and mileage. Totally takes the guess work/stress out of running outdoors. I think I will really enjoy having it with me during the Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K that Justin and I are running tomorrow!


After my run I finally tried the Fit Frappes that I won a while back! The drink was definitley tasty, I tried the mocha flavor, and it was super easy to prepare.

7oz of water into a cup
add 1/2 the contents of the packet
(your booooooty! No? Ok.)
Pour over ice.

I do have to say typically when making drinks over the powder variety, I like more water, less powder. With Fit Frappe, I wanted all the powder I could get. I think I added a little more than half the packet…and it was perfect. THe whole packet would have probably been a bit strong though.

All in all, delicious! I was hungry a little before lunch…they say you can use Fit Frappe as a meal replacement, but I think some of my hunger was due to the fact that I ran…otherwise I probably could have held off until lunch!

Well, I’m off! Have to get to the house for our inspection! Then it’s to the office for the rest of the day and probabaly a yummy dinner out tonight with Justin. Afterall, we have a race to run in the morning and that requires butt on couch time tonight to save our energy!

Here’s to a great Friday! 🙂

Green Monster Virgin? Not anymore!

Hi All! My trip to the store was successful! While shopping I saw a blender on sale for $15!! and being that I didn’t bring my blender with me during our move to Arizona, I thought why the hell NOT! Plus! I’ve been dying to try a Green Monster  (yes! up until a few minutes ago, I was a Green Monster virgin!) So now that I knew I had a blender! I grabbed some spinach, bananas and was so excited to try one as part of my dinner tonight! When J isn’t home, I can eat creative dinners made up of whatever I like, so it was perfect!
Though there are a million recipes, the one I used was the Virgin Green Monster:
2 cups organic spinach
1-1.25 cups milk
1 banana
It went a little something like this:
Gather my ingredients:

Not pictured: 1 c milk

Then, add everything into the blender, spinach first, then bananas then milk and blend. I used the high setting for about 30-45 seconds.

Then pour into cup of choice! (so i totally forgot to take a pic of the blended goodness in the blender, but you get the picture!)

YUMMMY! so that was dinner, along with some humus and pretzel thins.

In addition to running my friend to the airport earlier today, I decided to hit the gym. It had been a few days and I could totalllly tell. After discussing how we needed to get our asses to the gym asap with my best friend on the phone…we thought we’d give the hill setting on the treadmill a try. I did, and HOLY SHIT. I’m out of shape. I just did the generic program for 30 minutes, ran about 2.4 mi and was breathing hard and everything. Granted it felt REALLY good to sweat, but it made me realize that I need some consistency in my workouts, like NOW.

So now, I’m off to the airport for the 4th time this week and 2nd time today to get J! Excited he’s home again for the weekend AND Private Practice is on tonight! WOO HOO, life is GOOD! 🙂

What to make?

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long! I had a friend in town visiting from Vail, CO and I had work to do!

Unfortunately, I STILL havent painted my living room, and I’m in desperate need of groceries…so I’m off to do a quick grocery shop and then it’s off to the airport to get J. He’s coming home from this three-day work week in Vegas.

Still have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. By the time we get home it’ll be just after 8 so I need to be able to whip something quick and easy together…any suggestions anyone?

Pool or bust!

Good morning and Happy Friday! I’ve decided that today is going to be a productive one! J is coming home tonight from a week away for work travel and I want to make sure the apartment is clean and semi-organized so we can keep buying new furniture and get totally settled in. Oh, did I mention we just moved into a new place last weekend? Because we recently relocated to Phoenix, we were staying with family for a few weeks before we found a place of our own. However, a day after we moved in, Justin had to leave for said work trip so I’ve been kickin’ it this week in our half furnished apartment! And today I keep telling myself I’ve got to tackle this:

Argh! Worst part of moving in, unpacking clothes! Especially when you haven’t exactly bought a dresser yet. So we’ll see how far I actually get with that.

Anyway, to start the day I had a bowl of yogurt and granola. 

Now as far as granola goes, we all know there are a lot of choices out there but lately I’ve become obsessed with Bear Naked Granola. Not only do I love the companies philosophy but I love that they make a FIT line of granola, made with less sugars (only 4G/quarter cup) and for all you Vegans out there, did I mention it’s Vegan friendly? My fave is the Bear Naked Fit, Vanilla Almond Crunch. But I’ve tried almost all of them and they are all just as delicious!

Ohhh judging from this pic I better get to the grocery store!

Anyway, not only is today Friday and J comes home after being gone all week, but, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees out and, if you can believe it, I’ve been in Phoenix for almost 3 weeks and I haven’t been out by the pool once!! Considering that I’ve gotten most of my work for the week done (I’m still working remotely for the company I worked for in Chicago) I think that it’s pool or bust for me this afternoon! Wish me luck!