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Pumpkin Spice Latte = FAIL

Happy Humpday! This morning has been a crazy at work as usual. I had to be here early for meetings and I didn’t even have a chance to eat breakfast before. I even forgot to make my Fit Frappe as promised from last night. Hopefully tomorrow after my planned run!

After my meeting, my stomach was growling so much that I ran to Starbucks and picked up a multigrain bagel and a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Sadly I think the barista was new becuase my Pumpkin Spice Latte didn’t taste like a Pumpkin Spce Latte. Coffee Fail. Especially since I was really looking forward to it.

Since then I’ve eaten a pack of Cheezits and opened some granola that I snacked on while plowing through work emails.

It’s such a beautiful day out here in Phoenix! I’m so bummed I have to be inside all day. It’s one of those perfect fall (for Phoenix) days that would be wonderful to spend on the porch, reading and I wouldnt even mind working! Somehow working from home or outside makes the actual work you are doing much easier to stand!

Lunch may be a quick trip to Subway…I forgot to pack a lunch in my rush out the door this morning and my stomach is already growling. Figures!

Have a great afternoon!


Feel The Rain

Happy Saturday everyone! For me, Saturday started out pretty typically. Woke up, ate a quick bowl of cereal and headed out to my favorite Saturday morning Vinyasa Flow class.

During class our instructor was talking a lot about being present and content in the moment. Right before we move from our opening meditation in class, she always leaves us with a thought, something to hold on to during the rest of class…

The great Bob Marley said it best “Some people feel the rain. Others, just get wet.” So today, as we move through each pose, I’m going to challenge you to be present…feel your pinky toes in triangle pose and feel your bottom lip in dancer. Live in each moment, in each pose and respect it for what it is. Whether or not you like it.

Today’s mantra really made me think. We are all stuck in a constant state of decision. Should I get up or go back to sleep? Should I go for a run or sit on the couch? What should I eat for dinner? You get the point. But really, the bigger point…is that we OWN our lives and we OWN our decisions. It’s not so much about being right when we make a decision, but about living it, experiencing whatever situation that decision brought you to. Loving it, hating it, feeling indifferent. It really isn’t important. What IS important is that you’ve experienced it. You’ve learned something from it.

You’ve felt the rain.

And after every rain, eventually, there will be sunshine.

And with that, Justin and I decided to run an impromptu 5k tomorrow morning.

The ‘I Did A Green Run 5K’ at Reach 11 Park in Phoenix. Since we just decided to do this today, We’ll be up bright and early to get there by 6 am to register. Race starts at 7:15am, sharp! I’m excited! And since we were near a mall when we decided we were going to run. I ran into the mall and found myself a new race outfit! (New clothes make everything better, right?)

The rest of tonight will be spent watching US Open Tennis on TV (Go Wozniacki!!!) Getting everything together and prepared for our race tomorrow, including whipping up some overnight oats…and relaxing!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far! πŸ™‚

3 day weekends for all!

Good Morning everyone! It’s Friday! (I really couldn’t be more excited about that after the crazy work week I’ve had!) I know that I owe my 10K training plan to you all, but I promise I’ll get that done this weekend!

Last night, for work, I attended a career fair at Arizona State University. Me and a few other coworkers stood around and chatted with 1st year Engineering students for a few hours. How entertaining!! Now I’ve been out of college for about 4.5 years at this point and it brought me back to my college days. The freshman just seemed so young! Most of them had no clue why they decided to major in Engineering, nor did they know the right questions to ask professionals currently working in their field. True to me inherent self, I started chatting with a few, got the sense they were totally lost and took that opportunity to walk them through the decision of picking a major! I think they appreciated it! So that was my good deed for the day!

OK, that was last night…back up to yesterday morning. I drug my butt outta bed and hit the dreadmill treadmill for a run! It was a quick and easy run, but at least I got my butt out of bed and ran!

I took this morning off of running and am planning to get in a shorter run and a longer run this weekend! πŸ™‚

Speaking of the weekend…I’m kicking my Friday off with a bowl of blueberry frosted mini-wheats. LOVE! these are soooooo good! they honestly taste like a blueberry muffin! no joke! try.them.

I’m hoping my day at work goes fast so the weekend can actually be underway! I’m excited for my traditional Saturday morning yoga class, a baby shower for a co-worker, laying by the pool, hopefully getting some wedding planning done, hitting up a new restaurant with Justin, and catching up with friends! Phew! That’s a lot for only 2 days…anyone else out there with me on the fact that all weekends should be 3 days long??? If I were President…that’s the first thing I’d change!

P.S. Head over to Emily’s blog) to enter to win a pretty yummy give-a-way! πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!!!

10K Training Plan

So yesterday I took a look at the calendar and realized that I’m running the Phoenix 10K in about 9 weeks! This seriously motivated me to buckle down and get serious about my training. So I did what any motivated runner would do…I headed for the gym (c’mon I live in Phoenix and its HOT!) and hit the tredmil for a pretty steady and actually, pretty easy, 5k.

Yesterday, I alo discovered the dailymile!Okay, so I didn’t technically discover it for the first time yesterday, but I took the time to check it out and create a profile. How awesome! I can’t wait to use this for the duration of my training for this race and others to come! If you are on dailymile, friend me!

So with that, (and inspired by Caitlin’s recent post)I’ve tasked myself with coming up with an actual training plan. My goal is to put it all on paper by the end of the day tomorrow (read lunch hour task…that is IF I get a lunch hour!) and then share with you all later tomorrow evening! Wish me luck!

In other news, today was filled with work, work and more work. I had a pretty productive day in the office…surprising becuase my desk looked like this:

Then I came home, ate dinner, chatted with Justin for a bit, watched the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (I know, I know) and then continued to work some more! Boo, and it’s only Monday Tuesday!

Time for bed! I’m planning a run tomorrow morning!

3 Day Weekend Bliss :)

Wow I’ve been gone for a week! Whoops! Per the usual my week at work was nuts, lots of long days and even working from home…

But, I am so thankful for this 3 day weekend! We’ve done a lot of relaxing and a little bit of getting things done. We relaxed on the couch and by the pool. I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend Ashley and today I plan to get back on the training horse for the Phoenix 10k I’m running on November 6th. (Ps I discovered Daily Mile today! So excited to use to track my training! ) And we also tried the Tortilla Factory in Oldtown Scottsdale. I highly recommend. The margaritas were delish and super refreshing in the 105 degree evening heat.

We also went for a hike! Call us crazy for hiking in Phoenix in the summer! But we did it! I plan to write a post about our hiking adventures later tonight!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day! I’m off for my run while Justin participates in yet another Fantasy Football draft. Blah! πŸ™‚

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Monday, Monday

You know you are in the process of potentially buying a new house(!) when you open your purse in the morning and see this:

Just a measuring tape…no big deal!

This weekend was a busy one…we ran around house hunting, I got some much needed work done…we discussed some upcoming wedding decisions that need to be made and we relaxed on the couch every second inbetween!

And now, it’s Monday! I was pleasently suprised to see that on my way to work it wasn’t even 90 yet!!

After the crazy heat wave we had last week in Phoenix, the under 90 at 7 am was a welcomed change!

Well, I’m headed to the office to make today a productive one! I’ve got lots of catching up to do and I have a feeling this week is going to be an extremely busy one so I want to get a head start!

Check back later, I’ve got a fun post planned for this evening!
Happy Monday! πŸ™‚

The (future) Kelley’s are condo hunting!

Today was a super busy day at work. I wanted to get out of the office on time to get home and head to yoga. That didn’t happen, so I did the next best thing…ordered pizza and relaxed on the couch! Whoops! Oh well, I deserve the relaxation! Tomorrow I plan to get a morning run in again, maybe 4 miles. I need to start keeping up with my mileage for my upcoming 10K on November 6th. I know that is a while away but the more in shape and confident I am, the better!

But let’s back up, breakfast this morning was a bowl of blueberry frosted mini wheats. Justin picked these up at the store and I was a bit skeptical, but they are quite yummy!

Lunch was a business lunch so no pictures, but we headed to Old Spaghetti Factory and I had a simple lunch portion of chicken fettucini alfredo. Que afternoon food coma here. πŸ™‚

Anyway, back to present time. All the relaxation has caused me to think of all the wedding stuff we have left to do before our wedding in just over 6 months! I dropped the save the dates in the mail this afternoon so it’s a done deal! We’ve officially invited about 145 people to our big day! πŸ™‚ wedding planning is stressful but also very very fun. I’m planning to do a post soon on how we’ve gone about everything and share some pictures of our decisions thus far, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, Here are a few of our engagement shots: (ps our photographer is amazing If you live in the Phoenix area, please check her out here

In other news, our current apartment lease is up on October 31. The fiancΓ© and I were set on renting until we found a few condos today that we love and would totally rent….except they are for sale for a price that would make our mortgage 50% less than our rent payment!!!! So we’ve changed our tune. Call us crazy but we are seriously considering buying a condo! Not somewhere we’d live forever, but a 5-7 year condo, and someplace we could easily rent if we wanted to! I’m a bit nervous, only because as previously stated, we are getting married in like 6 months (!) but if it reduces our monthly payment by 50%, I’m game in at least exploring all of our options. I anticipate that this will be a hot topic for me in the coming weeks/months on the blog…the future Kelley’s house hunt may have just begun!!

So tell me, are you a recent first time home buyer? Any tips/tricks/advice? I’m dying to hear your stories!

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