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Summer Hiking at Dreamy Draw

As promised, I’m back to give a recap of Justin and I’s hiking adventure on a hot Phoenix morning over Labor Day weekend.

It was 93 and a bit overcast and we thought to ourselves…why don’t we go for a hike? So we did. Well first we googled somewhere new to hike, and I came across Dreamy Draw Recreation Park. judging from the reviews on Yelp, it seemed like an easy place to get to and a park with lots of hiking options. We filled up our four (yes 4! have to be prepared in AZ) containers of water, threw on our hiking gear and we were out the door!

The hike started out like any other…a nice flat trail that weaves you up into the mountain…

And at this point, despite the heat (and the sun that was beating down on us!) I still felt great! And was happy to be outside, enjoying nature. Did I mention that we were basically the only people out there? (I know, I know, its summer in Phoenix!) But it was actually really peaceful and nice and quiet!

So we continued on. Knowing that the even trail was about to end and we were about to hike up a mountain, we stopped and drank some water and just enjoyed the scenery!

And then, we started reallllllly hiking because the trail turned into this:

And the climbing was fine, heck it was even fun until I started to feel like death. AKA no matter how much water I drank, and how many rock sitting breaks we took I still felt like I couldn’t go on, not.another.step. Mentally at least, physically my legs still felt pretty darn strong. So we took another break. (That’s Justin shading me from the sun. What a keeper!)

Justin on the other hand, was moving right along and encouring me too. We were so close to the top, and we literally only had a small ways to go before turning around and going downhill!

and he was even nice enough to wear my pink hiking backpack the entire way! love him!

And so we kept on hiking…and we made it to the top! I was pretty proud of myself for sticking with it, and the view was pretty good, too. Look how high we were! Thats the trail we started on, way down there!

From here, it was all downhill (literally). We climbed our way back down in pretty decent time, stopping for water breaks and rock sitting every 15 minutes or so and that was that! Our first Arizona hike in the middle of the summer!

Now of course, I realize that hiking (heck any type of outdoor physical activity) in extreme temperatures can be very dangerous, and if at any point during the hike I literally felt as if I had heat exhaustion or couldn’t stand up, etc. I would have stopped. But for me, it was more lack of being 100% in shape, (that’ll hopefully change soon, as I’m running a 10K November 6th!), the fact that it was like, 95 degrees out and mentally I think I just had a wall up.

Overall, I’d definitely go back to Dreamy Draw and may try one of the other 15 trails we saw on the map. You can also access Squaw Peak from this entrance to Dreamy Draw Recreation Park…and from what I’ve heard, Squaw Peak is the hardest hike in Phoenix, second only to the legendary Camelback Mountain! Hmmmm, I think I see a few hiking challenges in Justin and I’s future. Once the weather cools down, of course!

Tonight we are spending the rest of our 3 day weekend on the couch watching tennis…(Go Wozniacki!) and relaxing before it’s back to reality tomorrow. Oh and I’ll probably have a bite or two of something sweet to wrap it all up. What’s a relaxing night on the couch without some dessert?