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A Day of Eats & Day 2 of the Green Smoothie Challenge (GSC)

Okay, now that my San Diego Weekend Recap post is out of the way, let’s get down to my eats for the day! Breakfast today was a quick bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares as I rushed around the house getting ready. Thus why there is no picture… But I think you can imagine my simple bowl of cereal, right? Right.

Lunch was also quick and simple. I headed to a local stir-fry joint and constructed my own concoction of chicken, carrots, zucchini and green beans with brown rice and teryaki sauce. I seriously inhaled this lunch, I was SO hungry.


Tonight was a night of leftovers for Justin and I. I didn’t necessarily have anything planned for dinner so we worked with what we had. Easy brats thrown on the grill with leftover pasta salad and veggies and dip from our new years eve party. Easy peasy and still delicious!

A little while after dinner I made myself a green smoothie for a snack. Since I’m participating in Real Food Runner’s 7-day Green Smoothie Challenge so I had to get my green on! (plus I got a new ninja blender for Christmas that I love playing with!)


In the Ninja:

Frozen strawberries
2% Milk (I was out of vanilla soy, bah!)
Baby spinach
Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit Vanilla Protein Powder

So I believe that the protein powder sort of altered the color of my smoothie a bit…it turned out a bit more brown than the normal bright green. As far as taste goes, it tasted normal so, oh well!


Though I will say it’s difficult to drink a smoothie when it’s chilly outside! All the more reason to crank up the heat and cuddle up under a blanket, right?


And that’s JUST what I’m about to do! Justin and I made it all the way to Season 2 of Breaking Bad yesterday and I can hear that and my couch calling my name! Have great night everyone!