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The Battle of the Greek

Let’s talk about yogurt for a second, shall we?

When we think about yogurt there are many different options available:

  • Greek
  • Light
  • Creamy
  • Fruit on the Bottom
  • Whipped

And the list goes on…

In addition to many different types of yogurt there are, of course, a million different brands to choose from. Not to mention nutrition labels to read! To me, it’s all very overwhelming. I just want a yogurt that tastes great, doesn’t have a bunch of sugar or other unwanted ingredients and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg! Is that too much to ask?

Enter Yoplait Greek 100.


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Sunday, as I was browsing the aisles of my local super market, I swung by the yogurt aisle in search of some vanilla yogurt for smoothies and overnight oats this week when I noticed something new lining the shelves, Yoplait Greek 100. They had the vanilla flavor I was after and for a $1.29/cup, how do you say no? (clearly, you don’t!)

I was very excited to try this yogurt and when I did I was even more excited! Each individual cup (5.3 oz) packs tons of flavor, at least 10g of protein and only 100 calories! And bonus, it comes in 8 different flavors! (I’ve only tried the Vanilla thus far, but trust me, I’ll be back for more).

I don’t know about you but typically when I have Greek yogurt I have to mix it with granola, or honey or a little something. Not sure why, but there has always been something about the taste of Greek yogurt plain (even if its flavored) that didn’t mesh with my crazy taste buds. However, I am happy to report that with Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla, this is not the case. Finally! A Greek yogurt that I can throw in the lunch box, tear open and just EAT!

If you can’t tell by this point (which I’m SURE you can – you’re all smart individuals), this may be my favorite Greek yogurt E.V.E.R. and if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’ll just come out and say it…you should head to the store and try this, NOW!

So, tell me, do you have a yogurt that you just LOVE? Anyone else get embarrassingly excited when you find new food products that you love, simply by accident?