Greetings from San Diego!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the disappearing act! Justin, Peanut and I have been wandering the streets and beaches of San Diego the last two days. We’ll be heading home later today, and I’ll have a full recap for you today or tomorrow but just thought I’d check in and say hello.

So far we’ve gotten upgraded to this amazing loft jacuzzi suite…for free!


Secondly, Peanut thinks she died and went to dog heaven. Here she is having the time of her life at the dog beach on Coronado.


Thirdly, Justin and I have done a good job of eating our way through the city. All unpictured because it’s been that amazing.
And we’ve done a lot of peanut snuggling.


So far, so good!

I got my run in yesterday and Justin is out now running, as soon as he’s back were off for breakfast and another round at another dog beach. Then it’s a 5 hour drive back to Phoenix.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and hopefully this is a long weekend for you! Make the most of these last two days of 2012. (sooooo crazy its almost 2013!) I’ve gotta get going on those resolutions!

So what have you done this weekend? Have you ever taken a vacation focused solely around your pet?


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