And…I’m Off!

To say today was crazy would be an under statement. It went a little something like this…

Woke up, had a quick bowl of Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats….(and I scarfed this down, mind you)

Look at my cute Halloween inspired bowl! (Target for like $1.50, score!)

Once we were ready, Justin and I ran out the door and carpooled to work. Thank goodness for the HOV lane in Phoenix…we flew all the way to downtown (where Justin works) and then I headed on to my office. My day at the office was a blur. I’m pretty positive I was either in a meeting or slaving away at emails every second I was there. In fact, my lunch consisted of Cheez-Its, a string cheese and half an apple. Not of that is pictured because I’m not even sure I chewed any of it. I’m pretty sure it was inhaled and I moved on with my day!

I was in the office til around 6:45 and then headed home, ran a few last minute errands because I’m taking off for a work/fun trip tomorrow and headed home. When I got home, Justin let me know he had ordered pizza. Yum. Fast, easy, I’ll take it.

After inhaling my second meal of the day, my night consisted of dealing with more of this.

To ensure that our apartment soon looks like this…

And don’t worry, I think I’ve had like 5 handfulls of these throughout the night as well…(peanut butter M&M’s, yummmmm)

Now, I’ll need to pack my suitcase for NYC (blah), finish up a few work things and hit the hay. I totally woke up with a splitting headache this morning so I didn’t get to my run so I’m making that a priority tomorrow morning. 4.5 or 5 miles here I come!
Okay, I’m off! Expect some updates from the airport/East coast soon! 🙂

Me at the Guinness Factory in Ireland about this time last year.


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