Race Recap: Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K

Welp, my second 5K is officially in the books and I set a PR! (not too hard considering this was my 2nd ever 5K but I’ll take it!)

This morning started like any morning I head out for a run. Got up (just a tad earlier today than normal, 5:40 am, argh!) had a bowl of blueberry frosted mini wheats, threw on my running gear and gathered all of my necessary electronics…and Justin and I were out the door!

We arrived at the race with plenty of time to pick up our bibs, D-chip, race packet and t-shirt! It was such a beautiful morning and there were a lot of other fellow runners out enjoying the wondering running weather.

After we sucessfully pinned our bibs on, drank our last sips of water and secured our D-chip, it was time to get ready to line up at the Start.

Justin and I actually started together during this race, even though we had no intention of running the race together (he is wayyyyy faster than me)…but it was nice to line up together and cross the start at the same time! After tha national anthem was done, we were off! We started out sorta towards the middle of the pack, which was fine for me, who was planning to run around a 9:30mm but for Justin, it slowed him down…I could see him for far too long once we started running and I knew he was just bobbing and weaving in and out of people. From now on, he’ll start at the front where he belongs, but this race was all in good fun so it didn’t really matter either way.

Rounding the first corner of the race there was a band drumming away and many many spectators out in their driveways cheering us on! For it being 7am, I was suprised at the number of people who came out to support the race. The entire course (except for about the last 1/2 mile) was on the road, and honestly…I prefer it that way. I got off to a good start and my legs were feeling strong. At one point, I glanced down at my Garmin and I was running at an average pace of an 8:30mm. I about fell over…I was exccited but at the same time worried I would wear myself out and run out of steam during mile 3. I decided to not thing negatively and just keep on truckin…

That is my I refuse to slow down to take this picture face and a face that was realizing that my hair tie had just fallen OUT OF MY HAIR as I snapped that photo. Thank goodness I had a hat on, so my hair was kept out of my face. Note to self, never run another race without a spare hairtie around your wrist. Lesson learned, moving on.

My ipod was pumping and my legs were feeling great…I was breezing right along, mile 1 turned into 2, 2.5….and before I knew it I could hear the spectators and the band playing near the finish line.

I crossed over the famous Grasshopper Bridge (not pictured, I was just too in the zone to bust out the camera at this point)…

And, boom! I was done! I was way too enthused that I finished under 30 minutes when I crossed the finish line to remember to stop my Garmin right away so my Garmin time is a bit off my chip time, oh well, I’ll take it!

Final Time: 29:34
Average Pace: 9:31

My pace was right on target…I haven’t plugged the Garmin into the computer yet but I’m pretty sure mile 1 I averaged an 8:45 or 8:50 pace and sadly my splits were positive from there…oh well, something to work on for next time!

After I crossed the line and found Justin we headed over for some ice cold waters!

And of course there were lots of post-race goodies…bagels, bananas, granola bars. We grabbed a banana, a water and headed over to see our official chip times. There was even live entertainment to enjoy!

All in all a great race! Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K, I do believe we will be back next year!

Once we headed home we relaxed for a bit then headed out to one of our favorite local breakfast spots and had a quick bite to eat. I demolished some toast and a huge bowl of oatmeal, came home and promptly passed out on the couch. After waking we headed to the mall and did some light shopping. After about 2 hours of that we were both famished again, so we headed out for a midafternoon snack dinner and then came home. Ever since, we’ve been posted up on the couch. Justin’s been watching endless movies and I’ve been catching up on blogs and race recaps from today!

I’m still on the fence about signing up for the Iron Girl 10k in December, but since the next race I’m registered for isnt until November 6 (the Phoenix 10k) I defnintely see at least another 5K in my future before then!

Okay, I’m out! I need to chug some more water and rest up. I think I’m going to try and get a long(ish) run in tomorrow morning before we head out for some Lions football! G’nite!

Did you race this weekend? Or if not, is there a race recap from the weekend you want to shout out?


5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K

  1. Nicole W.

    Congrats on your PR! I love running races – after I do one it makes me want to sign up for another! It sounds like your Garmin was helpful in keeping your desired pace…maybe its about time I purchase one of those bad boys – it would be nice to have for my half marathon training since I want to improve my speed

    1. Mariel

      Yes! My Garmin was so helpful! I highly suggest you pick one up! I have the Garmin Forerunner 110 but a lot of ppl have the 305! 🙂 I’m ready for another race already! 😉 Do you have any planned in the near future?


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