Race Recap: I Did A (Green) Run 5K

Hi everyone! I apologize for the delay in posting this race reacp. After the race this morning we had a very important football game to watch…and after that, well it was time for me to take a nap! 🙂 But enough of that, let’s start from the beginning!

The I Did A (Green) Run 5K – Phoenix, AZ

Our alarm went off bright and early…around 5:30! Crazy how I could get myself out of bed for a race but can hardly drag my butt outta bed for work….hmmmm

I got up, got ready, had a quick bowl of cereal (that I scarfed down too fast to snap a picture of!) and we were out the door. (note my I just got out of bed face, tiiiiiired!)

Since we just decided to run this race, um yesterday! we had to get there a bit earlier than normal so we could register and pick up our race packet/bib/chip.

Registration was a breeze, as this race was pretty small…probabaly around 150-200 runners came out to run either the 5K, 10K or 1 mile fun run. Justin and I jogged around and continued to hydrate while we waited to line up! (he’s not really miserable, I promise…just hates his picture to be taken, especially in the morning!)

Then, it was time to line up! Since Justin runs quite a bit faster than I do, he started more towards the front of the pack than I did. For me, right near the middle was jusssst fine! We all got in place, shared a moment of silence for 9/11 (never forget) and boom! we were off!

The course started out pretty easy, across the soccer fields and into the mountains. The course was really well marked, so I felt confident that I wouldn’t take a wrong turn and end up on the 10K route instead. (eek!) I started out at a pretty steady pace…probably about 10 minute mile. (Note to self: Get a Garmin!!! I was dying to know what my actual pace was!)

Mile 1 was a breeze. In fact, all the way through mile 2 I was feeling great! I only walked/slowed down through the water station so I didn’t spill water all over myself! During mile 3, I started to get a bit winded. Turns out, running outside is a bit different than running on the tredmill, so I think that was starting to take it’s toll on me. The course wasn’t super hilly, but suprisingly, the weather was pretty cool (for Phoenix) this morning and along with that came a little breeze. Running (totally against) the wind, turns out will slow you down a bit. But I kept on trucking. I just kept telling myself that you’ve run a 5K before, you can easily do it now! Mind.Over.Matter. And before I knew it, I was looping back around towards the sports complex and I could see the finish line!

Since Justin is so much faster than me, he was already done (his 5K time: 21:50! ROCK.STAR!) so he was right near the finish line cheering me on as I ran through! My final time, 33:04. Not bad considering I know I slowed down quite a bit during mile 3 and had NO IDEA how fast I was running through the entire race!

All in all, it felt great to complete my first real road race! The weather was absolutley perfect for an outdoor run, the race was a perfect size for my first and I got to race (sort of!) with Justin. Success!

Came home, and refuled with some toast and nut butter/butter…(mmmm nut butter, this stuff is so good I could literally eat it out of the jar!)

I hopped in the shower and we were off to Justin’s uncles house for the first Sunday of football. Go Lions!! We relaxed, ate some pizza, chatted and watched the Lions win.

The rest of my day consisted of an epic nap, a quick run to the grocery store plus snacking, snacking and more snacking! Speaking of which, I’m totally craving a smoothie right now. (I think I might be dehydrated?) I might just have to make one of those before hitting the sheets. Here’s to another insanely busy work week!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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