3 day weekends for all!

Good Morning everyone! It’s Friday! (I really couldn’t be more excited about that after the crazy work week I’ve had!) I know that I owe my 10K training plan to you all, but I promise I’ll get that done this weekend!

Last night, for work, I attended a career fair at Arizona State University. Me and a few other coworkers stood around and chatted with 1st year Engineering students for a few hours. How entertaining!! Now I’ve been out of college for about 4.5 years at this point and it brought me back to my college days. The freshman just seemed so young! Most of them had no clue why they decided to major in Engineering, nor did they know the right questions to ask professionals currently working in their field. True to me inherent self, I started chatting with a few, got the sense they were totally lost and took that opportunity to walk them through the decision of picking a major! I think they appreciated it! So that was my good deed for the day!

OK, that was last night…back up to yesterday morning. I drug my butt outta bed and hit the dreadmill treadmill for a run! It was a quick and easy run, but at least I got my butt out of bed and ran!

I took this morning off of running and am planning to get in a shorter run and a longer run this weekend! πŸ™‚

Speaking of the weekend…I’m kicking my Friday off with a bowl of blueberry frosted mini-wheats. LOVE! these are soooooo good! they honestly taste like a blueberry muffin! no joke! try.them.

I’m hoping my day at work goes fast so the weekend can actually be underway! I’m excited for my traditional Saturday morning yoga class, a baby shower for a co-worker, laying by the pool, hopefully getting some wedding planning done, hitting up a new restaurant with Justin, and catching up with friends! Phew! That’s a lot for only 2 days…anyone else out there with me on the fact that all weekends should be 3 days long??? If I were President…that’s the first thing I’d change!

P.S. Head over to Emily’s blog) to enter to win a pretty yummy give-a-way! πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!!!


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