Under Contract…

Today was a crazy day! Woke up early and headed to yoga!

It was an amazing class, per usual. I hadn’t been able to make it in 3 weeks due to travel and it was so nice to get back into that routine! However, due to the insane heat right now in Phoenix, I think I sweat enough in class for about a weeks worth of exercise! Ha!

After yoga it was time to head out for a quick lunch! We landed at a downtown Phoenix spot called That’s a wrap!

I loved this place! I had a rice bowl with brown rice, grilled chicken, black beans, veggies, shredded cheese and a bit of lime sour cream!
After our tummies were full, it was time to see some condos! We saw about 5 condos downtown and sort of liked them but didn’t love them. So we decided to take a drive down near south mountain in Phoenix, a neighborhood Justin’s coworker had recommended we look in. We came across a new construction, gated community with homes right within our price range. We went in took a look, found a house that seriously met allof our needs, was far enough along in the building process that the frame is built but we can still pick all the fixtures and upgrades (score!) and it will be done in time for us to move in before our current lease ends. So,we talked and talked and called our parents and talked some more and decided to go back in and take that house off the market! Sooooooo, we are officially under contract on a house! Now obviously this means we are pending approval of our financing, etc. But if all goes well, we may have just bought a house! Pictures will come once we know more on if the house is actually ours. As well as our adventures in picking out flooring, granite counters and appliances (ahhhh!)

After our crazy busy day of house hunting buying, we came home ate and then I made this super easy, super yummy dessert for us. A homemade deep dish chocolate chip cookie! (well sort of homemade.)

Basically I took a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, store bought but obviously you can make your own! And I would if I would have had energy tonight!) and I plopped it into a cute little ramekin, threw it into a 350 degree oven for about 15-17 minutes (or until the top is golden brown) and then scooped some vanilla bean ice-cream on top. heavenly absolutely heavenly. I Strongly suggest you make this the next time you want an easy and delicious comfort food dessert.

On another note, I hope everyone on the east coast is safe and sound. My friends and loved ones all seem to be, but I know the worst is not over. C’mon Irene, get it over with already! But honestly, stay safe everyone….

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I’m headed to bed, I have brunch with a friend in the morning and then we are headed back to the potential new house for paperwork (and pictures!)

Gooooooooodnight! 😉

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