Monday & The Phoenix 10K

Today was like any other Monday…busy, busy and more busy. On the upside, the day went by super fast!

Breakfast was a cup of hazelnut coffee and oatmeal with some fresh raspberries….yum

After work I headed to the mall to pick up some work pants from LOFT because they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale! Holla!
I rushed home and made dinner: pasta with homemade bolognese sauce and garlic bread. Yum, garlic bread.
Now I’m headed to the kitchen to make some of Meghann’s Overnight oats. Hope they turn out! 🙂

Now on to my exercise for the week! Yesterday I ran a 5k and felt just okay. Today I took the day off, why? Because it was Monday! Tomorrow I plan to wake up and run another 5k bright and early. The good thing about morning running is that Justin runs in the morning and I am NOT a morning person, so he motivates me to get my tired, sleepy butt outta bed at 6 am to hit the dredmill. (It’s way too hot to run outside in Phoenix right now, at least for me! It is my first summer here after all, maybe next year folks!) anyhow, running is definitely on my workout plan this week because today, I signed up for this:

Yes! The Phoenix 10K. November 6. I’ll be honest, this is my first race farther than a 5K and while I’m confident in my ability to finish the race, it still makes me a little nervous! Oh well, all in good fun! My co-worker Meghann and I are tackling this race and couldn’t be more excited! If you are in the Phoenix area and are running this race too, let me know…we’ll meet up! 🙂

So tell me…do you sign up for races to motivate yourself to lace up your sneakers, or do you race just simply for fun? Any advice on how you overcame pre-race jitters before running your longest road race to date?

PS if any of you Phoenix bloggers have tips on running outside in this craaaaazy heat, please share…this Midwestern girl would love to brave it!

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4 thoughts on “Monday & The Phoenix 10K

  1. Heather

    The only real thing that has worked for me with the heat is getting up early to run before the sun bakes everything all day! I might sign up for the Phoenix 10K too, always wanted to do that one. A 10K is my favorite distance, not too long but still feels like a good accomplishment!

  2. Yolanda

    i was reading tugohrht some of the posts and i locate them to be altogether interesting. sorry my english is not exaclty the exceptionally best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my language, spanish. it would really help me a lot. since i could compare the english lingo to the spanish language.


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