Vacation, Amelia Island – Day 1

Our vacation is underway! I’ve been so busy relaxing and enjoying not having to work that I’ve hardly found anytime to post…

So far it’s gone a little bit like this…

Arrive…head to room and get situated :

Head to the pool/beach (which we have an amazing view of from our balcony!) See….

After the pool dinner and drinks ensued with good company!

This morning was a quick breakfast of oatmeal, fresh FL fruit and some cereal…

I hit up the pool with a few wives/girlfriend’s of employees (they have training in the mornings as this is technically a work function for them!) And then Justin and I hit up the workout room for a quick run. It was way too hot outside by 2 pm to run on the beach!

Then we took a quick dip in the pool again and now it’s time for cocktail hour and dinner oceanside with the rest of Justin’s colleagues and their guests. After there will be beach volleyball and a bonfire! Score!

My guess is that tonight will probably be a late one and I won’t have time to post before bed. I’ll be back tomorrow with a wrap up of our evening and more deets on this great vacation. I have a massage scheduled for 9 am tomorrow. 85 minutes of pure bliss, I can’t wait!



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