Quick Trip to MI

Thanks for all the comments/emails regarding races in the Phoenix area! You had some really great suggestions and I can’t wait to pick a few to sign up for! Once I do, I’ll definitely blog about it so that if anyone is interested in a running buddy, we can coordinate! But first, let’s back up to last Friday…

We took off  early Friday morning for the airport for a quick weekend trip to Michigan for our friend Ryan & Melissa’s wedding! (Congrats Mr & Mrs Buffa!)

Typical plane fare:

Then, we landed in MI hung out with some friends from college we hadn’t seen in awhile. Here is our friends cat, I’m allergic to cats so I could only take a picture through the sliding glass door. Everyone say hi to Dobs!

Saturday morning Justin went golfing with the soon-to-be groom while I slept in, got some work done and relaxed. Soon it was time to get ready for the wedding!

Here we are just after dinner getting ready to hit the dance floor (best part of weddings, BTW! and NO Justin isn’t miserable, he just doesn’t always love his picture to be taken!)

Saturday night was a late one…but well worth it. Being at our friends wedding makes me that much more excited for ours! Now that I’m planning a wedding, I pay attention to all the little details that I would have never even noticed before. Case in point, I was taking pictures of center pieces. They were pretty though, weren’t they?

And finalllly, a trip to Michigan isn’t complete without the purchase of a new Detroit Lions shirt! Hollllla!

Andddddd, we’re back. Home sweet Phoenix!

Today was a crazy busy day at work. Breakfast consisted of some blueberry oatmeal. Lunch was leftover pasta and tonight’s dinner was quick and easy! Chicken sausage on the grill, garlic and herb cous cous with a slice of watermelon (yum!)

The rest of this evening I’m trying to get some work done while catching up on the DVR (can you say Keeping Up With the Kardashians and two weeks of Giuliana and Bill!)

Tomorrow will be a super busy day at work plus a night of packing becausssssse we are headed to Amelia Island, Florida on Wednesday morning for 5 days of relaxation! Well, for me at least! The trip is with Justin’s company so he has some training/work to do for a bit each day but I don’t! And if I can get a lot of work done tonight/tomorrow I may even be able to leave my laptop at home! Score! I can’t wait to blog from my ocean breeze balcony! and I promise to take lots of pictures! I’m also very excited to be able to take a few runs on the beach! Being from the midwest, that’s one thing I miss here in Arizona!



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