Something To Train For

What a busy morning I’ve had (on my Friday!) Yes, I realize I keep mentioning that I have a 4 day week and no, I don’t feel bad for that!

Breakfast was a quick bowl of cereal as I was rushing out the door.

And I’m currently at the car dealership waiting for them to change the oil in my car. Thank goodness for WiFi. My office for the morning…

I’m so incredibly excited that we are heading to Michigan tomorrow to go to the wedding of Justin and I’s college friends! It’s so awesome that all of our friends are getting married. Yes, it’s stressful because we are planning a wedding too and of course all of our friends live half way across the country, but being able to see each other a few times a year is amazing! Something that wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for all of these weddings! We fly out tomorrow morning at 9 am so tomorrow will be an early morning! So much for sleeping in on a day off, but I’ll take it. The flight from Phoenix to Detroit is about 4 hours (and we lose 3 hours traveling East) but I can always sleep on the plane! Justin makes a good pillow!

On to more interesting news! I’m really trying to find a 5 or 10k in the Phoenix area this upcoming fall/winter to train for! I know that I can run a 5K no problem in the shape I am in now, but I’m really just at a point with my work outs that I need something to be working towards. I did a little research and here are a few of my options:

AIDS Walk Phoenix and 5K Run: Sunday, October 2nd, Phoenix

3TV Phoenix 10K: November 6, Phoenix

Mesa Turkey Trot 10K: October 24, Mesa

Jingle Bell Run 5K: December 17, Phoenix

Has anyone ran any of the races above? Any recommendations/tips?

Are you planning any upcoming races for fall/winter? Does having a race to prepare for help you to stay on track workout wise?

PS if anyone is participating in any of the races I’ve listed above or any others in the Phoenix area, let me know! Races are always more fun with race buddies!


3 thoughts on “Something To Train For

  1. Nicole W.

    I’ve got a few on my calendar for this fall/winter! I wasn’t considering any of the ones you listed (yet) but I think the aids walk 5k looks fun! Here are the phoenix area ones that I’m looking at:

    The womens marathon/5k in tempe/scottsdale November 6th – Im leaning towards the 5k vs the half marathon, I can’t decide! –

    The 12 K’s of Christmas on December 10th (I’m really excited about this one!)-

    The Mad Mud Run on November 19th <– still not sure about this one…one of my friends thinks we should do it hah –

    And I a somewhat interested in the 5k at the state fair grounds in October 🙂 here is a link to the site I use to look up AZ races, they tend to have a really comprehensive list on their calendar.

    1. marielmoves Post author

      Oooo nice the Iron Girl 10k in Scottsdale sounds great! I’m definitley putting that one on the short list! If you sign up, let me know! We could race together! 🙂


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