Technically, It’s My Wednesday

As I had hoped last night, this morning when the alarm went off and Justin hopped out of bed at 6 to get a run in, I was ready! Just goes to show it’s all mind over matter!

After a quick 2 miles, my stomach wasn’t feeling so great. I think this has to do with the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything before the run and I knew I should have, I felt starving. So I dashed into the apartment and made myself a bowl of cereal with Almond Milk and a Banana.


Now it’s off to shower and head to the office for a productive day! Afterall, it’s technically my Wednesday, and that’s enough to get me going!

Are you a morning person when it comes to workouts? If not, and you want to be, how do you motivate yourself not to press Snooze?


One thought on “Technically, It’s My Wednesday

  1. Madhu

    Thanks Rachel. I saw lots of free offers on Vistaprint a while back and tried manikg various promo items for this MG Awareness road trip. The mug was one of them, the USA map was a free design, so I made up the wording. Just had to pay for the shipping. I’m still hoping to get a sponsor so I can hand out or sell some of the more expensive items.


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