I’m Back!

Hi everyone! After taking about a 6 month break from blogging, I’ve decided the time is right in my life to make the jump back in. When I started this blog originally, I had just moved here from Chicago, started a new job and was getting into the groove of my new life. Now that we’ve got that all settled and out of the way, I’m ready! I’m an avid reader of many blogs in the Healthy Living/Eating community and I’ve wanted to start a serious blog for quite some time. As they say, there is no better time than the present, so here I am, ready and willing to commit to my little piece of the online community.

So let’s bring you up to speed on what’s currently happening in my world! On December 10th, 2010 Justin, (my now fiance!) proposed while we were on a trip to our old stomping ground, Chicago! I said yes and we’ve been wedding planning ever since. Our wedding is this upcoming March in our new home city, Phoenix, AZ! I couldn’t be happier or enoying this time in my life any more!

Here’s a quick shot of Justin and I shortly after he popped the question in Chicago!

Shortly after moving to Phoenix, I was lucky enough to find yet another job I love in Human Resources. (it was a very hard decision for me to leave my job in Chicago because I loved it so much!) Now that Justin and I have gotten into our groove here in Phoenix I face everyday challenges to eat right, stay active, fit in a few yoga classes a week and juggle keeping in touch with family and friends especially since most of them live hours away!

So that’s my life in a nut shell! I look forward to blogging away, one day at a time and I hope you’ll follow along!


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