It’s officially Christmas season!

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? Super sorry about that folks! Between moving to Phoenix and starting a new job (about a month ago) I feel like I’ve been in about 50 different places at one time. But things are finally settling down. We’ve furnished our apartment (finally!!!!), established our new routine here in Phoenix and have given ourselves a bit of time to get acquainted with our new neighborhood!  Now I’m making a conscious effort to pay attention to my blog, and you guys! 🙂

In the past week or so my exercise habits haven’t been the best. Just one of those off weeks. For one, my allergies have been driving me craaaazy, so I’ve been taking a lot of allergy meds which make me drowsy and not willing to get up any earlier than I need to in the morning. However, starting today, I’m changing that as well! If I’m going to run the Arizona 1/2 or maybe just 5K in January, I need to get a move on!

In other news….the Christmas season is upon us! and this will be our first Christmas in the desert! Sort of strange that it’s December and the highs are between 70-80 but hey! I’m not complaining!

Last night Justin and I went and got our Christmas tree at the store. (I know, I know a fake tree! But considering the climate here, real ones don’t do too well!) Since we just moved from Chicago and had limited room in our car most of our Christmas decorations got left behind. So we needed to get it all! On our shopping list:


Lights (white)

ornaments (all different shades/sizes/styles of blue)

Garland (silver)

Tree topper (silver star)

Tree skirt (blue/white)

= Success!! Here’s a glimpse!

at night:

during the day:

our pretty ornaments:

I slept in this morning! and it felt great! Today is my company’s holiday party (which I’ve done most of the planning for!) so it’s going to be a busy day around our house! I’m going to try to go for a quickie run (3 mi or so) before I have to head over to the venue and ensure the set-up is A-okay! Then I’ll run home to make sure my outfit looks alright! Speaking of which, check out these amazing boots I got at Ross for $20! They are Steve Madden and are exactly what I’ve been looking for! The only pair they had was my size! Jackpot!

Once I’m okay with my outfit (honestly, I will be because I have no other choices!) It will be time to actually get ready and go! Since I’ve been really involved with most of the planning I have to get there around 530-6ish even though the party doesn’t start until 6:30. It should be a fun time, I’m hoping! We are having a DJ and all and around 300 employees RSVP’ed so let’s hope! Not to mention we are giving away some amazing prizes! an Ipad, Ipod touch, a laptop, a 32′ lcd tv and many many gift cards, just to name a few! I wish I could win! 🙂

Since we’ll be at the party this evening, dinner will be had there. I’m not worried about it though because I picked the caterer and the menu! I’ll leave that part a surprise so check back tomorrow morning for updates!

Breakfast is about to be some scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese and maybe some whole wheat toast. Lunch, no idea yet since I’m going to be on the run most of the afternoon. Justin is still in bed snoozing away, I think he’s tired from all of his work travel so maybe I’ll sneak out for my run before he gets up. I’m going to try not to wake him!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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