Last day of freedom!

Morning everyone! So the past few days have been very busy, busy for this girl! I’ve been painting, buying things to decorate our new apartment, buying a new car (!!!), and trying to get as much work done from my previous job in Chicago that I’m working at home for becuase…I start my new job in AZ tomorrow! AHHH!

So let’s start from the beginning. Sunday started off as every other Sunday, got up, had a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. Went for a quick workout, did the hills workout on the treadmill for 30 min at level 5 and run speed of 5.5. Came home and got ready to go watch the beloved Lions (they lost!) and then we continued on to the Mazda dealership to test drive a car we had seen a few days before that we had liked. We took that baby out for a spin and next thing we knew we were negotiating a price and driving the car off the lot!! A 2009, white Mazda 6! Here are a few snap shots:

SO THAT is our new baby! So exciting. We are excited to have two cars out here in AZ. With J traveling to the airport every week and me starting my new job so I wont be at home, we just really needed the second car…and we got it,!

Now on to the painting! We decided all the white walls in our apartment needed some sprucing up. We needed it to feel more homey. So I decided I’d paint. Now trust me, I’ve painted a wall or two in my day, but it seems that every time I take on a project like this again, I realize that it’s much more work than I think!! Last night I did the first coat on a few accent walls off the living room, in what we call the ‘dining nook’. Keep in mind this wall needs another coat of paint!

After I painted, I was starving!! Dinner last night was a quick Mexican Meal. I made some taco meat and warmed up some refried beans. Then I heated up some whole wheat tortillas and made little tacos with cheese and a dab of sour cream. It was quick and easy with J being gone and today I can use the left over taco meat for a taco salad for lunch!

The rest of my day today is going to consist of getting a ton of work done for my current job, putting a second coat of paint on that wall, maybe starting to paint another wall (ahh ambitious goals), getting a work out in and heading out to get my Arizona Driver’s License! I still have my MI license (yes I lived in Chicago for 3 years and never changed it!) Whoops! so it’s time to get on getting a new license!

For breakfast this morning I’m going to throw together a quick yogurt with almonds and granola and have a cup of coffee. I’ve gotta get cracking on my work!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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