Stuffed Peppers

Hi all! Happy Weekend! It’s been a busy one on my end!

Breakfast this morning was a cup of coffee and some yogurt and a banana while we ran some errands around town…

We purchased a new bedroom set for our new apartment! Delivery on Monday, LOVE IT!

We then hit up Whole Foods for a few things. More of the fabulous less sugar vanilla granola and almonds…we also got stuffed peppers, to make for dinner (pics below) and a few other produce items!

Then we had lunch outside at one of our fave places here in Phoenix, Paradise Bakery. I had half a chicken walnut salad sandwich on sourdough (not pictured) and of course a cookie! They ARE famous for their cookies! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and it was deeeelish!

Then we came home, relaxed for a bit and hit the pool. I took a little nap and read some. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon.

After relaxing it was time to make some dinner. On the menu: Beef Stuffed Peppers, Cooked carrots for J, and carrots w/ veggie dip for me (don’t know what it is but I HATE the texture of cooked carrots) and some biscuits on the side. I LOVE warm biscuits. Could eat them allll day long. 🙂 dinner was perfect, filling, simple to prepare and easy clean up! Left me feeling satisfied!

After dinner we went and looked around for new cars! We are in the market for a second car soon and decided to go take a look, tomorrow I think we’ll go back and test drive. Fun but scary at the same time!

Dinner for tomorrow I’m thinking will be this recipe fromCooking Light. Under their healthy living, quick and easy 5 ingredients recipes I found Chicken Tortilla Pie. YUM YUM
First off tomorrow though, Lions Game and Bdubs, typically Sunday for us!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Workout wrap-up to come tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Peppers

  1. Lindsey

    I can’t believe you’re able to lay out by the pool in November- I am so jealous.
    I also love Whole Foods ready made meals and those look yum!!
    Thanks for finding/reading my blog! Was worried no one could find me!

  2. Fitri

    ti periergo.opote ,,anaferthei ,,,i taniia mou..drakoulas ton exarxeion tha vrethei ke kapoios na vrisei[[[xeiroteri..taniia klp]]tosa xronia gemizei aithouses px==gagarin akoma ke tora..tosa xronia..sizitiete ..giati eseis tis afstiris=koultouras..sinithos aristerizontes den grafete..oti apla den sas teriazei;;;;ti tha pei i xeiroteri tenia;;;kai pios eidimon to apofasise;;;;oute emena maresei .px o lanthimos OMOS DEN THA GRAPSO OTI EINE KAKOS SKINOTHETIS OUTE OTI EINE OI .2 XEIROTERES TENIES..EVER.APLA DEN MOU PAEI katalavate fasistakia tis koultouras;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Χμμμ, φαίνεται πως εδώ έχουμε διαφωνία… Μου αρέσει – Δεν μου αρέσει: 4 3


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