Green Monster Virgin? Not anymore!

Hi All! My trip to the store was successful! While shopping I saw a blender on sale for $15!! and being that I didn’t bring my blender with me during our move to Arizona, I thought why the hell NOT! Plus! I’ve been dying to try a Green Monster  (yes! up until a few minutes ago, I was a Green Monster virgin!) So now that I knew I had a blender! I grabbed some spinach, bananas and was so excited to try one as part of my dinner tonight! When J isn’t home, I can eat creative dinners made up of whatever I like, so it was perfect!
Though there are a million recipes, the one I used was the Virgin Green Monster:
2 cups organic spinach
1-1.25 cups milk
1 banana
It went a little something like this:
Gather my ingredients:

Not pictured: 1 c milk

Then, add everything into the blender, spinach first, then bananas then milk and blend. I used the high setting for about 30-45 seconds.

Then pour into cup of choice! (so i totally forgot to take a pic of the blended goodness in the blender, but you get the picture!)

YUMMMY! so that was dinner, along with some humus and pretzel thins.

In addition to running my friend to the airport earlier today, I decided to hit the gym. It had been a few days and I could totalllly tell. After discussing how we needed to get our asses to the gym asap with my best friend on the phone…we thought we’d give the hill setting on the treadmill a try. I did, and HOLY SHIT. I’m out of shape. I just did the generic program for 30 minutes, ran about 2.4 mi and was breathing hard and everything. Granted it felt REALLY good to sweat, but it made me realize that I need some consistency in my workouts, like NOW.

So now, I’m off to the airport for the 4th time this week and 2nd time today to get J! Excited he’s home again for the weekend AND Private Practice is on tonight! WOO HOO, life is GOOD! 🙂


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