Little piece of paradise..

Today started out perfectly! It was a beautiful day, the Lions won and we went to Whole Foods! (ahhhhhh) While there we got the flank steak needed for my dinner recipe but we also got:

no sugar vanilla granola and sliced almonds…LOVE their bulk foods section. It was my first Whole Foods experience in Arizona and I must say, it was much better than our local Whole Foods in downtown Chicago. For example, we didn’t even HAVE a bulk foods section…so for me, this was a BIG deal! I cant wait to go back when J isnt with me so I can take my time and do a big grocery shop!

After we returned from Whole Foods we finally made it out by the pool! It was a perfect day..around 80 degrees with a slight breeze so it was hot, but not too hot.

Ahh a little piece of paradise!

Then Justin and I hit the gym and both went for a run. I completed a 2.5 mi run and felt really good. The treadmills in our gym at our new apartment complex are brand new so they are really nice to run on, much better than the ones in our apt in Chicago. Some days it just feels so good to sweat. Today was one of those days.

After gym time, it was time for me to make dinner. Again I found this recipe on the Self blog, Eat Like Me. 

First, before we hit the pool, I sliced the flank steak and quickly made the marinade of soy sauce (low sodium) and corn starch and popped it in the fridge.

Then I added about the minced ginger, evoo and beef to the pan and once the meat was browned I added the sauce and let’er sim, sim, simmer…

i then started to cook my brown rice (which ALWAYS takes longer for me than the 5 minutes it states on the box!) this time it had to sit for about 7 minutes…frustration nation! and voila! we had dinner!

Now if you are like me and like a little bit of spice in your sauce a not a ton, I recommend using only about 1/2 to 1 tbsp of Sriracha. This time I used about 1.5 tbsp and it was SPICY! J loved it, of course, but I chugged a whole bottle of water before I even ate half my meal because my mouth was on fire. Maybe I’m just a baby when it comes to spice, but there’s my warning!!

For dessert; cookies from Paradise Bakery…and yes! one is even Halloween themed! yum yum…

Now for the rest of the night…relaxing and watching the newest episodes of Dexter and Brothers and Sisters! Can’t wait! Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!


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