gettin’ my paint on!

Happy Monday everyone!

My morning started with a cup of coffee and some blueberry yogurt and what was left of my Bare Naked FIT granola with some silvered almonds on top! yum yum. I actually got up early enough to get some things done around the apt before having to take J to work. After that I had a few errands to run and ended up back home around 1045ish. I’ve been trying hard to be productive this week as it is my last week working from home before I start my new job on Monday! I also has a good friend from HS coming to visit Tues-Thurs (while J is in Vegas for work) so I will be busy around the middle of this week meaning I have to make today and Friday count!

Lunch was half a turkey sandwich, roasted red pepper humus and some pretzel thins for dipping. I’ve also been trying to up my water intake recently. It’s very warm here (not complaining!) but the air is pretty dry so trying to make sure I stay hydrated. Especially if I’m spending time out by the pool.

So back to this whole idea of productivity. Because we just moved into a new apartment, I’ve decided I want to spruce up the paint a little and warm our living/kitchen area up. I’m going to paint one accent wall in the living room (of course it has to be the largest wall, ha!) and then our dining area a shade of brown to match our new furniture! I’ve painted before and am confident in my ability but it’s always so nerve-racking to me to start a project like this! I mean, c’mon Mariel, it’s just paint! but for some reason it gives me a litttttle bit of anxiety…can anyone else relate to that?

For now, I’ve gotta get down to work and then get to Home Depot so I can get my paint on! Happy Monday everyone, I wish you all a happy, healthy productive week!

I’ll leave you with the view I woke up to this morning. 


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