I dunno, I dunno if we’ll have time…

Morning everyone! Finally the weekend! While I am glad it’s Saturday, I didnt exactly complete each task I had set out for myself yesterday, but that’s ok because A. it’s sunny every day here! and B. organization can happen any day! Because I didn’t post again yesterday, let me recap the rest of my meals yesterday.

Lunch was a turkey and humus sandwich w/ a few pickles

Then I picked J up from the airport and dinner, not pictured here was a quick trip to Olive Garden, for we had reason to celebrate!! Not only was J home again and able to settle into our apartment, but I found out that I got the job I interviewed for last week!! I had a piece of lasagna, their famous salad and breadstick and a glass of Reisling…yum yum!

Today Breakfast was a non-fat latte from Starbucks and a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich that I only ate about half of (who knows why? maybe because J ran out to get breakfast while I was still sleeping and I can never eat when I’m like half awake)

Now we are headed out to get massages! (YAY!!!) and then maybe purchase some extra furniture for our new apartment and hopefully I can sneak a run in there somewhere as well…and then folks, and THEN I’m going to TRY and get out to the pool today! Finally! 🙂

oh yeah, and tomorrow is Halloween…I’m not a real big fan of Halloween…so this year J and I are skipping it all together, but if you want to hear a pretttty funny story about one girl’s coming of age story through Halloween check out my best friends blog.

Happy Weekend!


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