Mulled Cider

So we’ve all heard of Yankee Candles, right?! Right. While living in Chicago, J and I fell into a bad habit of buying a new Yankee Candle each and every time we hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond(which was more frequently than I’d like to admit). What’s the problem with this you say? Oh ya know, just that the candles cost about $24 ea! X all the visits we made there=a lot of wasted money on candles! Well being that I just moved to Phoenix and now have access to a car and stores in strip malls (yippeee!) I discovered Wal-Mart’s MAIN STAYS  jar candles. The candles burn evenly just like the more expensive Yankee’s do and they cost a whopping (drum roll pleaaaaaase!) 5 bucks/20 oz. jar!!! Now anyone can afford that! Even me, even once a week!

Oh and did I mention that the Mulled Cider scent is absolutely to die for? Especially for a midwestern girl who recently moved to the valley of the sun in the middle of fall…I gotta get my fall ambiance somehow!


One thought on “Mulled Cider

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