Livin’ That Blog Life

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog…Fab, fit or flab! This blog is going to take you through my everyday adventures…from moving to a new city with the love of my life, trying to support my addiction to fabulous things I can’t afford on an HR salary as well as trying to stay fit while juggling my addiction to candy. (Yes, I’ve been known to eat a whole bag of sour patch kids in one sitting…but who’s counting?)

I’ve spent a lot of time following many different health/fitness blogs in the community and am really excited to jump in with my own two feet! Bare with me as I settle into life as a blogger and explore putting my POV out there. But ask anyone of my friends, I definitely am the one who has a POV and isn’t afraid to share it, so get ready because from here on out, I’m livin’ that blog life!


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